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Refunds of Loan and Credit Cards

Can you believe the fact that you can save more than 1000 Pounds on your loan or even credit card?

If you own more than 2500 Pounds on your own and personal loans and credit cards and you need to pay them in the next 9 months, well, you can not be forced to do this. Just this information can save you some thousands pounds!

If you want to have all your credit agreements to be written off, so you will need to qualify to the points below:
–    to be taken out by only you
–    it had been at the initial stages less than the sum of 25,000 Pounds
–    it had been taken off before the date of April 2007
–    the total repayment of it must not be less than 120 Pounds
–    more than 9 months left to pay

Please use the form in the right, if you are interested to know if you are qualifying totally for writing off of your credit agreements.


  1. Declan Duffy Said,

    i have 3 loans one with egg, rbs, beneficial finance ….all taken out before april 2007..am i eligable to have them written off.

  2. unfaircredit Said,

    Sure we can help. We specialize in Credit Card and Loan refunds. We need a bit more information. Please use the link to provide more details: http://www.unfaircredit.org.uk/can-you-claim/

  3. David Mc Auley Said,

    I have a credit card agreement that I think is unenforcable. Can some one please contact me to inform me of the process.


  4. unfaircredit Said,

    We can certainly help you. Please fill in the form and we will get in touch.

  5. Pippa Said,

    What about loan companies such as Provident who charge interest rates that leave you paying back 2 or 3 times as much as you’ve borrowed? I have two loans taken out last year.

  6. unfaircredit Said,

    We can take a look at your agreement and see if we can help. Please use the form on the site to request this.

  7. Nalini Said,

    I took out money on my credit card in 2007 not sure if it was before April and a loan too. Can you help?

  8. unfaircredit Said,

    Sure we can help. Please fill the form and we will look into this. http://www.unfaircredit.org.uk/can-you-claim/

  9. iris Said,

    i have secured loan of £26000 can you help

  10. unfaircredit Said,


    Yes we can help you. Please provide us with more details at: http://www.unfaircredit.org.uk/can-you-claim/

  11. iris Said,

    you say you can help can you email me more information

  12. unfaircredit Said,


    Sure no problem. We will need some basic information from you before we can help you with your claim as all cases are different.
    Our specialists will go through your details and explain everything to you.

    There is no obligation to use our service.

  13. shane Said,

    hi i have car on hpi with a company called welcome finance i am in my last years of paying this in fact i have 11 months left iv had this hpi over 48 months. had a phone call of them last week saying i was in arrears of just under one payment which is normally £161.15 i asked them my out standing balance that day and they told me £2311 and they asked me to make this payment up which i said i would at the end of the month which they was ok with but the next day i ask them a settlement figure so i could just get this off my back which they gave on the phone of £2267 i was not happy with them as they only tuck about £50 off so i asked them to send me out in writing iv recived it to day a and its say current balance is £2472 and and they are giving me a settlement of £2267 which is about £195 and considering i only have 11 months left which i work out oweing £1772.62. i really feel as am being taken for a mug and i could really do with some help my statement which i got back in 30th january coinside with the figure which was given on the phone £2311 and i have not missed any payments since getting the statement can you help me

  14. unfaircredit Said,

    Please send us some more information using the link below:

  15. bernadette dickinson Said,

    we have a secured loan with welcome which has 18mths to run at 105.61 per month. They are telling me that my balance is 4694.03 on the 9/7/10 and if you multiply 105.61x 18= 1900.98. I am being told this is because i am in arrears of 575.00 though they cannot tell me when this has occurred. The account has been running 13.5yrs of its 15yr term, and this problem has been going on for over 2yrs when requested repetitively by letter and phone we have been told only that they are must be historical. Can you help please.

  16. unfaircredit Said,

    Sure please send us some more information using the link below:

March 6, 2009
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