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Do you owe more than £2,500 on a loan or credit card?

April 6, 2009

How to Escape Financial Difficulties

Identifying the Source of Financial Problems
Put together a full break down of all incomes and expenditures. Seek to identify the areas where savings can be realized. Whilst it isn’t possible to avoid paying a mortgage, it is possible to spend less on clothes, entertainment, cigarettes and alcohol.

Have you been the victim of excessive and unfair bank charges?

What Can I Claim For?

Send the details

The first stage is to complete a form giving details of your loan
Enter all the details you know about the credit agreement, and give details of any PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) you may have taken out with the agreement. Click submits to send us the details.

Check the Agreements

once you have submitted the form, we will check the agreements and call you to let you know if we think you may have a valid claim.
If we think we may be able to challenge the validity of your agreement, we will arrange for one of our representatives to come out to see you to complete all the necessary paperwork and collect your documents.

We will then forward them to our claims specialists for them to confirm whether, in their expert opinion, the Agreement is indeed unenforceable.

Challenge the Lender

if we believe that you have a good case, our solicitor will then contact the lender, on your behalf, giving them the reasons why they believe the agreement is unenforceable. Their extensive report of your agreement will be used to challenge the lender and they will look to overturn your outstanding loan balance.
At this stage, lenders may choose to settle out of court. However, some lenders will fight the case, which may end up going to court. Our legal representatives will act for you and take the case all the way to court.

Get your money back!
With our claims experts representing you, we aim to win your case and get back not only all the money you have paid, but interest as well. We will request that the lender puts you bank into the position you would have been in if the PPI had not been taken in the first place. In relation to unenforceability claims, if the solicitor succeeds in overturning you loan balance, no further payments will be required. Remember – you would not be receiving any cash payment for this type of claim. The solicitor will be fighting to reduce your balance or even wipe out your balance in full.

April 6, 2009

Refunds of the Endowments

The miss-sold Endowment Mortgages represent a nightmare for each and every person, because it is a big possibility to become bankrupt. If you have confronted with this kind of situation you know how angry and worried it can get you.

We have helped till now more than 85% of our total clients and all of them have been able to make a proper claim for endowment compensation. We can also relieve you from the stress of all the paperwork in just 48 hours from the moment you take a decision and you contact us.

We can make the hard and difficult process of winning endowment compensation a lot easier. We have the experience and with our help you can indeed succeed. We will handle the entire paperwork (from the start to its finish), and you will just need to relax.

March 11, 2009

Claims of Payment Protection Insurances (PPI)

Usually, the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is sold along with a credit agreement, and it is created to protect the borrower from missing the payment deadlines, in cases of unemployment, sicknesses or even accidents and other personal or professional problems or issues.

The Payment Protection Insurance can really help you if you have applied for a car, a mortgage or other things. Although all this, the government says that the PPI cannot represent something “lifesaver” for more than a little minority, because there are less than 4% people that are claiming a PPI, and just 25% of these will receive it. The nightmare as you may know is represented by the administrative problems and issues.

A PPI will not come always with contracting a credit & store card or a loan. A PPI is able to cover your debts from them in case you have encountered with some serious problems or issues, such as unemployment, an illness or an accident.

The sale of PP’s represents a big business, with more than 20 million policies and more than 5 billion Pounds just in annual gross premiums.

Some people are having PPI without even knowing. Many of the lenders are automatically including PPI’s for all the monthly loan repayments.

March 6, 2009

Refunds of Loan and Credit Cards

Can you believe the fact that you can save more than 1000 Pounds on your loan or even credit card?

If you own more than 2500 Pounds on your own and personal loans and credit cards and you need to pay them in the next 9 months, well, you can not be forced to do this. Just this information can save you some thousands pounds!

If you want to have all your credit agreements to be written off, so you will need to qualify to the points below:
–    to be taken out by only you
–    it had been at the initial stages less than the sum of 25,000 Pounds
–    it had been taken off before the date of April 2007
–    the total repayment of it must not be less than 120 Pounds
–    more than 9 months left to pay

Please use the form in the right, if you are interested to know if you are qualifying totally for writing off of your credit agreements.

March 6, 2009

Unenforceable Loan Claim – The Legal Way

This is not a loophole. This is an Act a large number of creditors failed to follow, this gives you the right to cancel your credit agreement and save pounds.

Are you having financial problems with your loan or credit card?
We can solve your problems!

We have an astonishing success rate of over 80% and we have won for all our clients more than 100 million Pounds! So, choose us, the leading specialists.


We constantly think that there is no credit card or loan agreement than cannot be written off, in a legally form of course. We understand that for everyone it is hard to make payments on a constant basis just because there is a contract or an agreement. There is no need to pay for something that does not meet or comply with all the rules, regulations and laws.

We represent your hope. Just think about stopping all the unnecessary payments that you are making on a regular basis. Wouldn’t be great?

PPI Claims

Many PPI’s, also known as Payment Protection Policies, have not been sold as they should have been. Although you believed in this cover, it is useless in this specific case.

Do you think that you are paying for something that is not helping you or it is not able to use. We are able to stop your monthly loan and credit card payments.


We have helped till now more than 85% of our total clients and all of them have been able to make a proper claim for endowment compensation.

It is very important to know how to deal with all the papers and solve all the problems and issues. We can make all this processes successful, faster and smoother.

Bank Charges

Entire decades, numerous banks have been charged their clients with unjustified taxes or commissions. Now it is the moment for making the bank to play by the rules and laws.

We understand that it is a little bit difficult cu handle all the papers and stress, so we propose you to let us handle all these for you.

February 27, 2009
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